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Roof Insurance Claims

The professionals at Stone Creek Roofing are prepared to assist homeowners in Colorado and Wyoming with navigating the difficulties of filing an insurance claim for roof damage. Since a large portion of our inspectors are also certified adjusters, we can assist you in finding the answers to complex roofing queries like: Does your house insurance cover roof replacement? Should you submit a claim for roof damage?


For more than ten years, our founder worked as a senior adjuster for a reputable national supplier in the insurance sector. He had firsthand knowledge of how challenging it was for homeowners to not just comprehend the roof insurance claim procedure but also to locate simple solutions to typical queries. With that in mind, he founded Stone Creek Roofing to address the most prevalent problems with roofing and homeowner’s insurance.
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Why Choose Stone Creek?

Home Insurance & Roof Replacement

Whenever you’re thinking of replacing your roof, whether it’s because of storm damage or an old roof, it’s always wise to find out first if your house insurance policy can help to defray or cover the expense of the project. It makes sense to submit a claim any time your roof is damaged. Over time, filing lots of claims may result in higher premiums and other drawbacks.
Until you work with the professionals at Stone Creek Roofing, it is practically impossible to locate the correct person to answer your questions or even learn what questions you should ask in the first place between your insurance agent, adjusters, and conventional roofing businesses.
Trust a residential roofing and home insurance professional, such as Stone Creek Roofing, to advise you on whether to make an insurance claim for roof damage. Numerous local residents have relied on our sector's top experts to conduct roof inspections and assist them with insurance claims.

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

No matter where you are in the replacement roof process for your home insurance, Stone Creek Roofing makes it simple to go forward. Our specialists offer roof replacement project management to meet all of your needs as well as industry-exclusive insights into roof insurance that you won’t find anywhere else.
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