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How To Inspect Your Roof And Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to building maintenance, the roof is often the last thing on your mind. However, without proper roof inspections, you could find yourself with leaks, structural damage, or worse. Routinely checking the status of your roof and determining if there are any potential problems or not goes a long way in maintaining the integrity of your building and saving you money in the process. This means that performing regular inspections can save you time and frustration later when you need to call in the professionals to replace your roof or perform costly repairs. Inspections aren’t incredibly time-intensive either, so taking an hour or two out of your day once every month or two will save you money in the long run.

When performing an inspection, there are a few steps to loosely follow. First, walk around the outside of your home to look for any damage that can be assessed from the ground. This includes signs of aging, sagging, chipped siding, and broken gutters. These are readily apparent, even when seen at a distance, so take note of any problem areas or areas that will need a closer inspection. If the damage doesn’t seem to spread between inspections, it may not be a big deal, but if you come across multiple pain points or areas that have spreading damage, it may be time to take the next steps in the repair process.

Identify potential areas for water intrusion, which is usually caused by broken seals around roof penetrations and ice damming. Ice damming is caused when large icicles or mounds of snow form at the edge of the roof due to an unbalanced ventilation system or improper insulation. Ice damming can cause significant interior damage but in most cases can be easily prevented. The hot air from your attic or upstairs can also cause damage to your shingles which puts your building at a greater risk of weather damage or decreased roof ventilation.

Look for any missing, damaged, or aged shingles. This may seem minor, but one missing or cracked shingle causes a cascade of damages that can spiral out of control. It not only looks unprofessional and tacky, but it exposes your roof to the elements, leading to structural problems in the future.

Keep your gutters clean and maintain your downspouts. Without gutters, the siding on your home undergoes much more wear and tear than normal. Gutters are able to move water to a safe location during storms and prevent stagnant water from pooling on your roof. So long as they’re clean, you’ll have no issues to worry about.

While inspecting your shingles, look for granule loss, which indicates that your shingles are no longer able to protect your roof from storms. If your shingles have no texture to them, it’s time to replace them. Inspect your attic as well to find any signs of water penetration or poor ventilation, as each of these can lead to greater problems if not handled immediately.

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